Ana Bezerra

Art Director and Graphic Designer currently working at Talent.




The First Trophy 

In Brazil, almost everyone has played a worth-coke match, a tradition that's turned it into the first trophy of many people's lives. But, as times goes by, things change. Now, 70% of Gen Z view gaming as a social cornerstone, and the once-bustling fields and courts are a little quieter.

To keep the legacy alive, we're meeting Gen Z in Cidade Alta, the largest virtual city of Latin America, an open source server of GTA V. Here, players will embark on a challenge for the trophy — a Coke, not just in pixels, but delivered in ice-cold reality to their doorstep
New Blood D&AD Winner  

Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design 
With: Victor Pupo
Mentor: Guilherme Possobon
Client: Coca-Cola Company
Year: 2024